Sales point

  • Adopt CEP high-efficiency purification technology for removing PM2.5; filter can be cleaned and is recyclable ;
  • Formaldehyde can be removed efficiently;
  • High definition LED display and touch button;
  • PM2.5 display at air outlet and air inlet;
  • Fashionable drawer type appearance design; convenient for installation and disassembly;
  • decoration is beautiful and elegant;
  • WIFI function for long-distance and short-distance operation.

Sales point introduction

Sales point 1: CEP high-efficiency purification technology

Break through traditional filter type mode and adopt CEP for removing PM2.5, pollen, germina, spore, dust, pet’s hair, smoke and so on. Dust-proof parts can be cleaned and no need to replace the consumable materials.

Sales point introduction

Advantage 2: high performance formaldehyde decomposer 

It’s made by multiple special materials. Under normal temperature, it can decompose the formaldehyde completely (90%,30m³ cabin,1h). Different from traditional absorption technology, the efficiency is high, no secondary pollution, safe and eco-friendly.

Sales point introduction

Advantage 3: No consumable materials

CEP part can be used repeatedly after clean and the efficiency won’t weaken; electrostatic sterilization for preventing the growth of bacteria. Adopt high-efficiency formaldehyde decomposition technology for long purification effect, safe and reliable.

Sales point introduction

Advantage 4: high-definition LED display; omnidirectional microphone 

1.. Imported PM2.5 sensor, for precisely inspecting air quality;

2. Visual PM2.5 technology, whole-process monitor under standby and on status; PM2.5 value at the air inlet will be displayed simultaneously;

3. High-definition LED display screen and touch button all adopt concealed design;

4. Remote controller will display PM2.5 value simultaneously, high efficiently and convenient.

Sales point introduction

Advantage 5: intelligent purification

Adopt integrated WIFI module for long-distance, short-distance operation and so on.

Sales point introduction

Advantage 6:humanized design

1..Drawer type design , fashionable and beautiful; convenient  for cleaning purification parts;

2. Concealed castor design, beautiful and stable, easy for movement.